A slice of Darkness for breakfast (Book Cover Design)

A Plunge into Shadows: Curating "A Slice of Darkness for Breakfast"
Unveiling the dark heart of Kenyan literature, "A Slice of Darkness for Breakfast" is an anthology brimming with chilling narratives. Edited by Charles Chanchori, the mind behind the viral short story "Confessions of an UberDriver," this collection takes readers on a twisting journey through the shadows.

My Role: As a designer, I collaborated with these talented writers, breathing life into their unsettling tales. Armed with the book's evocative title and Chanchori's vision, I crafted visceral design concepts to capture the essence of each story. From the spine-tingling to the soul-crawling, I aimed to create a cover that would act as a portal to these unsettling worlds.
The Authors.
The Authors.
Some of the Stories are about:
✤  A family with secrets.
✤  A fight over cow milk.
✤  A raped & murdered child comes back as a ghost to seek justice.
✤  A lunch lady who uses magic fruit for nefarious reasons.
✤  Desperation of motherhood.
✤  A girl who opens a door and what she finds breaks her mind.
✤  A kid who thinks he killed someone.
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