My pencil drawings. The core skill of my creativity.
Human Equine Bond​​​​​​​
The human-equine bond is a special relationship that has existed for centuries. Horses are intelligent animals that can form strong emotional attachments to humans. They are also sensitive to human emotions and can often sense when someone is feeling happy, sad, or stressed. This makes them ideal companions for people who are looking for emotional support.
Bouquet Girl
Her hair adorned with thorns from wildflowers. She was a reminder that even the most humble of people can be strong and resilient. She was Bouquet Girl, and she was a force to be reckoned with.
Still Life
This drawing is a beautiful and realistic depiction of a still life scene. It stands as a testament to my artistic skill and attention to detail. Each element, from the transparent glass vase adorned with delicate flowers to the sparkling highlights on the clear wine and the individually drawn, plump grapes, reflects my dedication to capturing the essence of my subject.
This drawing aims to raise awareness about violence against women and show solidarity with victims. It serves as a powerful reminder that violence against women is never acceptable.
Kobe Bryant & Micheal Jordan
This is a drawing of two legendary NBA players in history, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. It captures every single detail of a shot from the game, including the crowd in detail. Jordan and Kobe were competitive whenever they played each other, and they are considered by fans as the "GOATS" of the game.
Mother Series I
Mother Series II
Mother Series III
J. Cole

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