Empowering Wellness: A Holistic Gym Management App

Vision: Beyond physical fitness, we envision a world where wellbeing thrives: where individuals and corporations strike a harmonious balance between work and health. It's with this aim that we built Sfit, a holistic gym management app dedicated to enhancing everyone's fitness journey.

My Role: Spearheading the project's branding, starting with a compelling logo design, meticulous color selection, and impactful typography. I then translated this vision into a user-friendly interface, meticulously crafting the app's design to be intuitive and engaging.

Impact: The app's success speaks for itself. We've garnered the trust of some of Kenya's biggest corporations, including Ilri, Safaricom, Deloitte, and Cocacola, who have chosen Sfit to manage their on-site gyms. This is a testament to our commitment to creating a holistic wellness experience that resonates with individuals and organizations alike.

Credits; This project is the property of Appcentric Company, a company that offers industry best web and mobile app development services.
Visit https://appcentric.co.ke/ for more information.
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